Monday, May 17, 2010

So why do you hate bubbles?

It all started when I was sitting on the porch of my freshman dorm, hanging out with some guys and smoking a cigar (I really do try to be one of the guys -- Unfortunately that doesn't stop them from calling me a broad 15 times a day and telling me to make a sandwich).
As they all talked about boy things (I wasn't listening but I assume they were talking about COD and masturbating), I pulled out a bottle of bubble solution and started blowing bubbles.

Now most people like bubbles, they're a glistening reminder of youthful innocence; a beautiful symbol for the fragility of life and happiness itself.

"Look at the way it glistens, its almost magical isn't it? Fucking bubble thinks its so fucking cool. I fucking hate that!"

However, One of the guys decided that, well, bubbles suck. "Why are you blowing bubbles?" he asked indignantly, "I fucking hate bubbles."
I have never heard a place go quiet so fast.
[Actually, I have. It's the kind of silence that suddenly falls over everyone at a loud party just when your yelling to you're friend that you need a new tampon.]

As the table erupted with shouts of "You hate BUBBLES?" "You Monster!" "Don't you have a soul?" and the like, it got me thinking.
No matter what it is, someone, somewhere hates it.
Its universal, like Rule 34.
Which brings me back to the question at hand, Why do I hate bubbles?
The answer? I don't.
But someone does.
Think of all your favorite things. Now realize that someone out there hates them.
This blog will document why.


  1. Your blog is fun to read (well, minus the excessive profanity, which is probably your favorite and I hate it, which also proves your point perfectly...nice!)but for some reason I thought you were a dude until I read about the bubbles and then I thought you were a gay dude (like the gay kid on Glee) until I read the part about the tampon...and then I figured it out. :)

  2. Haha I get that a lot (In real life too..which is pleasant, as you can imagine..)
    I tried to drop a bunch of hints about me being a girl - Like the girly background I made and the like.
    But thanks for your comment =)